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Back-Net Convenient Store Shelf

A convenient store generally refers to a small shopping store that can provide convenience for a fixed group of people or a specific flow of people in the surrounding area. Generally, it requires high space utilization, prominent product display, and convenient use. The backplane shelf can meet the above requirements and provide you with reasonable merchandise display effects.


Back-net shelf for convenience store features

The back-net shelf has a stronger sense of transparency, which can provide customers with a clearer effect experience when shopping and purchasing. Its structure is more reasonable, easy to install, and the display size is more in line with the size requirements of current popular commodities, which can achieve the maximum demand for the effective area and display requirements of the store.

Back-net shelf for convenience store product parameters

Material: Q235
Column: 30*80 (2.0mm thickness)
Back-net: φ3.2 wire, 30*30 mm squarec
Layer board: 0.7mm thick
Support arm: 2.0mm
Standard: five layer, load 50-150kg/layer
Size & Color can be customized

Back-net shelf for convenience store application and after-sales service

Convenient store back-net shelves are widely used in general convenience stores such as communities, stations, shopping malls, and commercial buildings, as well as tobacco and liquor stores, maternal and child products stores, toy stores, sporting goods stores, and so on.

back net convenient store shelf3

back net convenient store shelf4back net convenient store shelf5


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