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Bulk Food Cabinet

Bulk foods refer to foods that are not pre-packaged and need to be weighed for sale, including unpackaged and non-quantitatively packaged foods. The characteristics of its products require standardized display methods and easy quantification. The design style of the bulk food cabinets fully caters to the characteristics of the products.


Bulk food cabinet product features

Bulk food cabinets can simultaneously meet the display requirements for the quality and quantity of dry goods. Its structure is more reasonable, and the display size is more in line with the size requirements of current popular products, which can achieve the maximum demand for the effective area of the store and the display requirements.

Bulk food cabinet product parameters

Material: Q235
Column: 60*40mm 1.5 thick (Option 40*40 1.5mm thick)
Sheet material: 0.8-2.0mm thick
Size and color can be customized.

Application and after-sales service

Bulk food cabinets are widely used in large-scale community supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping centers, and other large-scale comprehensive stores.

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