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Cultural And Creative Book Shelf

Cultural and creative book products are a business format that conforms to current popular trends, mainly fashion cultural and entertainment products that meet young consumer groups. The shelves of cultural and creative books are closely integrated with the needs of product display to create a fashionable and prominent shopping environment. , And then highlight the texture of the product.


Product Features:

The cultural and creative bookshelf adopts an integral assembly structure, which is reasonable in structure and excellent in load. Large-area use of steel plate material as the main material, using thermal wood grain transfer technology, to achieve a visual effect that is almost consistent with the effect of solid wood, which provides a good foundation for creating a prominent texture of the product.

Cultural and creative bookshelf product parameters

Material: Q235
Steel profile: 20*20 (1.0mm thickness)
Backplane: 0.8mm thick
Sideboard: 0.8mm thick
Layer board: 0.8mm thick
Standard: Seven-layer, load 50-100kg/layer
Size&Color Can be customized

Application and after-sales service

Cultural and creative bookshelves can be used in bookstores, cultural and creative goods stores, household goods, toys, small household appliances franchise stores, and so on.

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