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LT530B-Aa5 3Ton Electric Powered Forklift

Forklifts are industrial transport vehicles, which refer to various wheeled transport vehicles for loading, unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. The International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC110 is called an industrial vehicle. Commonly used for storage of large items, usually powered by fuel engines or batteries.

Electric Powered Forklift Truck LT530B-AA5

Rated Capacity:3 TONS, MAX.

Lifting Height-Standard:3000MM.


Electric powered forklift truck LT530B-AA5 product feature

1.It can realize regular discharge under temperature between-4°–60°C. The excellent low-temperature performance makes it more suitable for the cold chain industry.
2.Under the normal condition of charging and discharging, after 4000 times of circular operation, the capacity keeps higher than 80%. The battery’s service lift can keep more than 10 years.
3.No need for fluid infusion and dust-prevention kind of daily manual maintenance.
4.The JOOMACK Third Generation Load Sensing Priority Hydraulic System is energy-saving and highly efficient. The working efficiency can improve by 13.4%.
5.It is equipped with an electronic smart cooling system to use in continuous working conditions. It avoids the motors and controller from shutting down due to the thermal protection after long working hours.

Electric powered forklift truck LT530B-AA5 product parameters

Model UNIT LT530B-AA5
Features Power Type Lithium battery
Drive Mode Sit Type
TRated Load KG 3000
Load Center Distance mm 500
Lifting Height mm 3000
Weight Deadweight KG 5000
Battery Weight KG 270
Deadweight without Battery KG 4730
Dimensions Front Suspension mm 475
Wheel Base mm 1680
Mast Tilt Angle(Forward/Backward) ° 6/12
Mast Static Height mm 2100
Free Lifting Height mm 145
Max. Height when lifting mm 4235
Overhead Guard Height mm 2150
Seat Height mm 130
Driver’s Height mm 1130
Overall Length (till fork surface) mm 2530
Overall Width mm 1220
Fork Dimension(L*W*T) mm 1070X125X45
Min. Ground Clearance(full load) mm 125
Min. Turning Radius mm 2210
Tire Tire Type Pneumatic
Qty. of Tires(front/rear) 2×2
Front tire spec. 28×9-15-14PR
Rear Tire spec. 18×7-8-14PR
Performance Travel Speed(full load/no load) mm/s 13/15
Lifting Speed (full load/no load) mm/s 275/420
Max. Traction Force(full load/no load) KN 15.7/16.2
Grade ability(full load/no load) % 15/15
Drive System Travel Motor Power KW 16.6(AC)
Working Motor Power KW 13.5(AC)
Standard Battery (voltage/capacity) V/Ab 80/200

Electric powered forklift truck LT530B-AA5 application and after-sales service

LT530B-AA5 is an industrial handling vehicle for loading, unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation of goods. Widely used in mechanized loading, unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation of stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, and other departments.

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