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LT604LT704LT804BLT904BLTB1004LTB1204Mid-Size Tractor

A tractor is designed to provide power and traction to machines for all types of agricultural and constructional tasks. It includes farm tractors, industry tractors & special-purpose tractors.


LT604/LT704/LT804b/LT904b/LTB1004/LTb1204 wheeled tractor product features

Strong motive power
Adopt Xinchai diesel engine series, large reserves of torque, low fuel consumption, and high economic efficiency.
Optional for Quanchai diesel engine series, adapt to the needs of different regions.

High reliability
Imported high-strength powder metallurgic clutch plate, reliable transmission.
Independent oil circuit of the hydraulic system, high cleanliness, and low failure rate.
Reinforced chassis structure, stable and reliable performance.

Efficient operation
Adopts 4x3x (1 + 1) compound transmission, 12F + 12R gear, shuttle shift, side control, easy to operate.
Vertical double oil cylinder high-pressure lifter, large lifting force, and good operation adaptability.
Increase the volume of diesel tanks to meet the requirements of long-term operation.

Comfortable operation
flat panel console, shuttle shift under the steering wheel, reasonable man-machine engineering.
Full hydraulic steering system, flexible and comfortable operation.
Optional for the cab, comfortable driving space.

LT604/LT704/LT804b/LT904b/LTB1004/LTB1204 wheeled tractor technical parameters

Tractor Model LT604 LT704 LT804B LT904B LTB1004 LTB1204
Drive Type 4×4
Overall Dimension L×W×H (mm) 3925×1728×2870 4070×1700×2870 4080×1750×2880 4130×1720×2820
) Overall Dimension with optional driver’s cab L×W×H (mm) 3925×1728×2650 4070×1700×2650 4080×1750×2650 4130×1720×2650
Wheel base (mm) 2010 2030 2080 2020
Front wheel tread (mm) 1265 1285 1353
Rear wheel tread (mm) 1220-1520 1200-1500 1350 1352
Min. ground clearance (mm) 360 370
Min. operating weight (KG) 2565 2720 2900 2950
) Min. operating weight with optional driver’s cab (KG) 2665 2820 3000 3050
Gearbox gears number 12F+12R
Forward Speed (Kw/h) 2.33-31.04 2.33-31.05 2.41-31.96 2.41-30.91 2.41-30.91
Reverse Speed (Kw/h) 2.04-27.21 2.04-27.22 2.11-27.14 2.11-27.1
Engine Model 4D32ZT31/604 4D32ZT31/704 4C6-80U32 4K41ZT31/903 4C6-100C35 4C6-120C32
Engine Rated power (Kw) 44.1 51.5 59 66.2 73.5 88.3
Engine Rated speed(r/min) 2400 2300 2400
Front tires spec. 8.3-24 9.5-24
Rear tires spec. 11-32 14.9-30 11-32 14.9-30
Max. traction force (KN) 21.5 21.5 22.68 24.03 24.4
Max. lifting force (KN) 10.3 12.7 14.5 16.5 17.6 21.2
PTO Power (Kw) 37.4 43.8 50.1 56.27 62.5 75
PTO Type Rear-mounted, Semi-independent type Rear-mounted, Independent type
PTO Speed (r/min) 540/720 or 540/1000
PTO Shaft Size φ38mm×8 splines or 6 splines
Steering type Full hydraulic front wheels steering
Control type of plowing depth Height control & Flotation control
Front/Rear Iron ballast as option (KG) 112/200
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 60 60+25

LT604/LT704/LT804b/LT904b/LTB1004/LTB1204 wheeled tractor application and after-sales service

This series of the tractor is mainly for farm use, including orchard and vineyard, medium-load for towing with various implements also could be used in ranch equipped with front loaders and other implements.

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