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Fully Hydraulic Hand Roller

The LTC08H/LTC08HZ full hydraulic hand-held vibratory roller has an exquisite appearance, compact structure, and small size. All-wheel-drive, strong climbing ability; adopts CF186F vertical direct injection air-cooled engine, electric and hand starting devices; equipped with guide wheels and operating rods, steering labor-saving, comfortable and convenient operation; hydraulic walking, using imported walking pumps and walking motors,step-less speed change.


Fully hydraulic hand roller LTC08H/LTC08HZ products features

1.The whole machine has a nice shape, compact structure, and small size; it can do rolling work on the narrow ground.
2. All-wheel drive, strong climbing capability.
Using CFI86F vertical direct-spray air-cooled engine, with both electrical and manual startup devices.
3. Designed with a guide wheel and joystick, it is labor-saving and easy to control.
Hydraulic travel, Adopt imported pump and starting motor, CVT.

Fully hydraulic hand roller LTC08H/LTC08HZ products parameters

Model LTC08H LTC08HZ
Operating mass kg 770 800
Static linear load N/cm 62/62 62/67
Vibration amplitude mm 0.25 0.25
Vibration frequency HZ 48 48
Centrifugal force KN 12 12
Travel speed Km/h 0-4 0-4
Grade ability % 40 30
Turning radius mm 2700 3300
Turning angle ° ±30 ±30
Overall dimension mm 2400X 880X 1100 1950X 880X 1290
Vibration drum diameter mm 400 400
Drum width mm 600 600
Wheelbase mm 470 470
Diesel power kw 5.68 5.68
Diesel model CF186F CF186F
Water tank capacity L 32 32

Fully hydraulic hand roller LTC08H/LTC08HZ application and after-sales service

It can be used for compaction operations in narrow areas.

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