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LT4221L220Hp Medium Crawler Type Bulldozer

Bulldozer is an earthmoving engineering machine capable of excavating, transporting, and abandoning rock and soil. For example, it is used for the construction of dumping grounds, leveling of automotive dumping grounds, accumulation of scattered ore rocks, leveling work flat plates, and construction sites. It is used not only for auxiliary work but also for main mining work. For example, stripping and mining of sand deposits, traction and boosting of scrapers and plows, and other earthmoving machinery to reduce the stripping step height when there is no transportation mining method.


220hp medium crawler type bulldozer LT4221L product performance

1. A diesel engine with a turbocharger and fuel-feeding system of PT pump is adopted as the power supplier for the machine, with its characteristics of low fuel consumption, high power performance, and large torque reserve.
2. The diesel engine matches very well with the hydraulic torque converter and the transmission system, making a wide rotational speed range for machine traveling in high efficiency. Output power can be achieved perfectly, with the control of shifting on the transmission gearbox.
3. A hydraulic drive system is adopted for the working device, with its characteristics of simple structure, flexibility, and reliability.
4. The hydraulic-assisting mode is adopted in the control system, making the machine can be operated easily.
5. A mode of hanging balance beam is adopted in the traveling system, making the machine works well in rugged areas.
6. Centralized pressure-testing technology is applied for inspecting and debugging failure easily; the high generalization of wearing parts makes it easier to maintain the overall machine.
7. The sound-proofing, heat-proofing, and vibration-absorbing cab provide efficient operation space and excellent operation vision for the driver. The cab is also equipped with a comfortable adjustable driver’s seat and air conditioner, together with an optional heater.
8. Equipped with the straight-tilting shovel as standard as well as U-shovel and angle shovel as options, all provided with the well durable blade.
9. Optionally equipped with the ripper, (3-tooth or 1-tooth available),u-shovel, angle blade, air conditioning, heater, rear ripper, ROPS frame, forest cab, etc.

220hp medium crawler type bulldozer LT4221L product parameters

Description Unit LT4221L
Engine Model type Cummins NT855-C280
Rated speed rpm 1800
Rated power kW 175
Travel Forward I km/h 0~3.6
Speed II km/h 0~6.5
III km/h 0~11.2
Reverse I km/h 0~4.3
II km/h 0~7.7
III km/h 0~13.2
Work Blade height mm 1315
Equipment Blade width mm 3725
Max. depth mm 540
Max. lift mm 1210
Max. tilt adjustment mm ≥735
Pitch adjustment ° 55
Specification Min. ground clearance mm 405
Ground pressure Mpa 0.077
Min. turning radius mm 3300
Grade ability ° 30
Blade Capacity 6.4
Productivity m³/h 330
Ripper Teeth 1 tooth 3 teeth
(Optional) Max. digging depth mm 690 665
Max. lift mm 572 555
Teeth Weight kg 2621 2790
Basic Operating Weight kg 23450
Basic Dimension(LxWxH mm 5530x3725x3325
With ripper and ROPS Dimension(LxWxH mm 7150x3725x3400   (1tooth)
6813x3725x3400   (3teeth)

Application and after-sales service

LT42211L track bulldozer is a large-sized multipurpose track-type one used for shoveling and moving soil, sandstone, and things like that. It is widely applied in various earthwork engineering projects such as earth-bulldozing in minefields, capital construction works, road construction sites and port construction projects, etc., as well as operational tasks of grading earth, shoveling soil, and towing machines.

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