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LT4221T 220Hp Forestry Logging Bulldozers

Logging bulldozer is specially designed for forestry working conditions for the special environment such as logging and its transition. Main operating conditions are logging, stump removal, hauling, and obstacle clearance. At the same time, earthwork leveling operations are taken into account.


220hp forestry logging bulldozers LT4221T product performance

1. A diesel engine with a turbocharger and fuel-feeding system of PT pump is adopted as the power supplier for the machine, with its characteristics of low fuel consumption, high power performance, and large torque reserve.
2. The diesel engine matches very well with the hydraulic torque converter and the transmission system, making a wide rotational speed range for machine traveling in high efficiency. Output power can be achieved perfectly, with the control of shifting on the transmission gearbox.
3. A hydraulic drive system is adopted for the working device, with its characteristics of simple structure, flexibility, and reliability.
4. The hydraulic-assisting mode is adopted in the control system, making the machine can be operated easily.
6. A mode of hanging balance beam is adopted in the traveling system, making the machine works well in rugged areas. System to ensure machine performance in the harsh environment of the rainforest.
7. Using a special cooling Mechanical winch and hydraulic winch can choose to adapt to different operational requirements.

220hp forestry logging bulldozers LT4221T product parameters

Description Unit LT4221T
Engine Model type Cummins NT855-C280
Rated speed rpm 1800
Rated power kW 175


Forward I km/h 0~3.6
II km/h 0~6.5
III km/h 0~11.2
Reverse I km/h 0~4.3
II km/h 0~7.7
III km/h 0~13.2


Blade height mm 1315
Blade width mm 3725
Max. depth mm 540
Max. lift mm 1210
Max. climbing ability ° ≥735
Shoe width mm 61030
Specification Min. ground clearance mm 405
Ground pressure Mpa 0.077
Min. turning radius mm 3300
Grade ability ° 30
Blade Capacity 6.4
Productivity m³/h 330


Type TJM20
Rope diameter*length mm Φ28×70000
Pull KN 350
Rope working speed(outermost layer) m/min 0-15.9
System pressure Hydraulic separation combined
Weight kg 3000
Operating Weight kg 27836
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 6887x3725x3454

Application and after-sales service

Developed in response to the demands of the forest working environment, LT4221T timber & lumbering bulldozer adopts the hydraulic drive and hydraulic control technologies, featuring advanced and reasonable structure, stable performances, and light and flexible operations. The forward extended rollover protection structure can effectively protect the whole machine.

lt4221t 220hp forestry logging bulldozers 4


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