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LT765 Front Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader is a single unit consisting of three pieces of construction equipment. Commonly known as “busy at both ends”. During construction, the operator only needs to turn the seat once to change the working end.

Backhoe loaders are mainly used in urban and rural road construction and maintenance, cable laying, power and airport engineering, municipal construction, farmland water conservancy, and various building construction projects undertaken by small construction teams.


Backhoe loader features

With a combination of digging and loading functions, it features high efficiency and a fast return on investment. With hydraulic power take-off, it can be equipped with a variety of auxiliaries for various operations. The cab features a wide vision, greatly improving the working efficiency, small turning radius, flexible steering, and quick response.
It is easy to control the digging arm locking mechanism and the special design that the digging device is placed over-center point makes the machine safer to transport and more balanced to drive.
The large colored glass, small cabin noise, independent heat & A/C system, and large cabin space bring the driver much comfort.
The special optional working device like a breaking hammer can make the machine multi-functional.
The four-gear synchronized electro-hydraulic gear shifting transmission box specially designed for the backhoe loader can quickly shift the gear according to the condition of the road surface. The hydraulic multi-disc wet type brake is safe and reliable with long service life.

Parameters of backhoe loaders

Engine Model WEICHAI WP4G95E221 WEICHAI WP4.1G100E311 CUMMINS 4BTA3.9
Type Four-stroke, Direct Injection type, Turbo Charge
Rated Speed (rpm) 2200 2200 2200
Rated Power (hp/kw) 95/70 100/74 112/82
Peak Torque (N.m) 380 395 460
Loading Pressure 20mpa
Excavating Pressure 20mpa
Steering Pressure 15mpa
Output Pressure 16mpa
Rated Flow 110L/min
Front Tire 14-17.5NHS-14PR
Rear Tire 19.5L-24-12PR R-4
CARRARO Transmission Four gear synchronization, electric-hydraulic control forward/backward. The switch, shift, and loading control handle have a clutch splitting key.
CARRARO Front Axle Swing turn, the oscillating angle is 22 degree
CARRARO Rear Axle Braking axle with free-maintenance wet-type
Min. Ground Clearance Four gear synchronization, electric-hydraulic control forward/backward. The switch, shift, and loading control handle have a clutch splitting key.
Driving Break Swing turn, the oscillating angle is 22 degree
Min. Turning Radius at the outer of Front Wheel
Two-Wheel Drive 3790mm
Four-Wheel Drive 4300mm
Travel Speed
Gears Forward (km/h) Backward (km/h)
5.8 5.8
10.5 10.5
20.1 20.1
40.2 40.2
Loading Operation Specification
Rated bucket capacity (m3) 1
Max. dumping clearance (mm) 2650
Max. dump reach (mm) 1220
Dig depth (mm) 218
Drawback angle at ground pos. 40o
Bucket upward angle at max. working height 45o
Max. breakout force (kn) ≥40
Rated lifting force (kn) ≥25
Rise time( s) 5.1
Fall time(s) 4.9
Tilting time( s) 0.9
Excavating Operation Specification
Standard Dipper Extendible Dipper
Rated Backhoe Bucket Capacity (cbm) Extend 0.2
Retract 0.3 0.2
Max. Excavating Depth (mm) Extend 5519
Retract 4171 4357
Max. Excavating Force (KN) Extend >57
Retract >57 >57
Max. Excavating Radius (mm) Extend 6728
Retract 5463 5597
Max. Dump Height (mm) Extend 4916
Retract 3860 3950
Max. Outreach From Mid. Of Rear Axle (mm) Extend 7826
Retract 6561 6695
Max. Outreach At The Max. Dump Height (mm) Extend 2179
Retract 1135 1466
Turning Angle 180o 180o
Transportation Dimension
Standard Dipper Extendible Dipper
Total Length (m) 7.43 7.57
Boom Height for Transportation (m) 3.48 3.66
Total Width (m) 2.35 2.35
Wheel Base (m) 2.2 2.2
Cabin Height (Including A/C) (m) 2.97 2.97
Operating Weight (kg) 7400 7800

Backhoe loader details

Luxury driver’s cabin, more space, wider visual field. The cab can be dismantled for a large space. Noise-isolation and vibration absorbers meet all kinds of operation.

lt765 front backhoe loader6Details-2
The Single-handle pilot control system (Optional), electronic control gearshift ensures easy and comfortable operation.

lt765 front backhoe loader7Details-3
New style Digital LCD instrument.

lt765 front backhoe loader8Details-4
Air condition control panel.

lt765 front backhoe loader9Application and after-sales service

Mainly used at small-scale construction sites, farms, estates, shipyards, ports, roads, and municipal operations.


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