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LT815-7 15 Ton Medium Crawler Mounted Excavator

An excavator, also known as excavating machinery or earthmoving machine uses buckets to dig materials above or under the earth and load them into transport vehicles to the stockyard.

The materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, sediment, and pre-loose soil and rock. Judging from the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast. Excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction.

The three most important parameters of an excavator are operating weight (mass), engine power, and bucket capacity.


Unique features of the LT815-7 excavator

Brandly new improved and developed with JOOMACH’s renowned mechanical engine well adapts your everyday operation.
Powerful turbocharged engine
The imported original and high-quality turbo-charged engine is a fuel-efficient low-emission engine with an advanced hydraulic system. It shows excellent performance, reasonable match, and reliable quality.
Outstanding operation
The machine can complement all tasks that the driver wants and maximizes working efficiency among the same tonnage products in the industry.
Reliable and durable parts
Main structural parts including the boom, arm, bucket, and chassis are built by welded and high-strength structural parts to increase the strength of the structure and machine service life.
Safe & Comfortable design
The machine design complies with the ergonomics, adopts a silicone oil shock absorber to reduce shock, adopts a special section tube to substitute metal plate structure. A solid cab structure can protect the operator when the machine rolls over.
Centralized Parts for Easy Access
The LT815-7 is designed to improved productivity by minimizing on-site maintenance. The radiators and filters are well arranged on one side for easy maintenance. The upper and side doors enable easier access to the main parts for convenient maintenance.

Parameters of excavating machinery

Basic parameter Bucket capacity 0.27-0.76
Operating Weight t 13.92
Engine Firm ISUZU
Engine Model 4JJ1
Rated power/speed(Net) kW/(r/min) 75/1900
Working  range parameters Boom mm 4602
Arm mm 2900
Maximum digging Radius mm 8742
Maximum Digging Depth mm 6132
Maximum Vertical digging depth mm 4652
Maximum digging height mm 8952
Maximum dumping height mm 6532
Performance parameters of the whole machine Max. excavating force(arm/bucket) kN 57.7(63)/77.3(81.4)
Swing Speed r/min 11.9
Travel Speed (high/low) km/h 4.9/3.3
Grading capacity °/ % 35°/70%
Noises at driver location dB(A) 75
Overall  dimensions Transport Length mm 7702
Transport Width mm 2602
Transport Height mm 2982
Cab Height mm 2832
Length of Shoe mm
Track Gauge mm 2000
Shoe width mm 600
Minimum Tail Swing Radius mm 2202

Details of the medium crawler mounted excavator

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Application and after-sales service

LT815-7excavator is widely used in industrial and civil building construction and construction, transportation, water conservancy, and power engineering. It is also applied in mining, gardening, urban construction, cable laying construction, farmland use, pipeline excavation and buried, and mechanized construction in modern military engineering industries.


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