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LT815W15 Ton Small 4 Wheeled Excavator

Wheeled excavators are excavating machines that rely on tires as traveling parts. It has a fast walking speed, does not damage the road surface, can transfer to a long-distance by itself, and can quickly change a variety of operating devices. With its distinctive characteristics of mobility, flexibility, and efficiency, wheeled excavators have been fully utilized in the areas of excavation and removal of materials such as airports, ports, oil fields, mines, urban and rural construction, farmland water conservancy, and rapid repairs.


Features of wheeled excavators

The hydraulic excavator’s power, durability, ease of servicing, and precise control increase its effectiveness and life expectancy. With the LT815W, JOOMACH offers an excellent return on investment.
The performance of the LT815W has a direct effect on its productivity. The machine can finish all tasks that the driver wants and the highest working efficiency among the same tonnage products in the industry.
The reliability of an item of the plant contributes to its overall lifetime operating costs. JOOMACH uses computer-assisted design techniques, highly durable materials, and structures then tests these under extreme conditions.
The work rate of the hydraulic excavator is directly linked to the performance of its operator. JOOMACH designed the LT815W by putting the operator at the center of the development goals. The result is the significant ergonomic value that improves the efficiency and safety of the operator.

Parameters of wheeled excavators

Basic parameter Bucket capacity 0.27-0.76
Operating Weight t 13.92
Engine Firm ISUZU
Engine Model 4JJ1
Rated power/speed(Net) kW/(r/min) 75/1900
Working range parameters  Boom mm 4602
 Arm mm 2900
Maximum digging Radius mm 8742
Maximum Digging Depth mm 6132
Maximum Vertical digging depth mm 4652
Maximum digging height mm 8952
Maximum dumping height mm 6532
Performance parameters of the whole machine Max. excavating force(arm/bucket) kN 57.7(63)/77.3(81.4)
Swing Speed r/min 11.9
Travel Speed (high/low) km/h 4.9/3.3
Grading  capacity °/ % 35°/70%
Noises at driver location dB(A) 75
Overall  dimensions Transport Length mm 7702
Transport Width mm 2602
Transport Height mm 2982
Cab Height mm 2832
Length of Shoe mm
Track Gauge mm 2000
Shoe width mm 600
Minimum Tail Swing Radius mm 2202

Details of wheeled excavators

1. Rops/fops (optional)
2. Removable roof window and front window
3. Emergency exit window
4. Removable windshield with in-cab storage bracket
5. Adjustable seat
6. Cigarette lighter
7. Lcd monitor
8. Auto climate control/ac/heater/pressurize
9. Windshield wiper
10. 24v am/fm radio
11. 12v power outlet
12. Washable floor mat
13. Interior part: cup holder, interior light, hot/cold beverage compartment, storage compartment, seat with storage bag at the back

lt815w15 ton small 4 wheeled excavator 4Engine
1. Tier ii engine
2. Three work modes
3. Automatic idle control system
4. Tri-stage fuel filtration
5. Alternator
6. Dual element air filter
7. Oil filter
8. Turbocharger with charge air cooler

lt815w15 ton small 4 wheeled excavator 11Hydraulic system
1. Power boost mode
2. Automatic two-speed travel
3. Reduced-drift valve for boom and arm
4. Reverse swing dampening valve
5. Bi-directional double-loop hydraulic system
6. Pilot operated safety check valve
7. Safety relief valve

lt815w15 ton small 4 wheeled excavator 7

Heavy-duty ZF axles

lt815w15 ton small 4 wheeled excavator 5

Application and after-sales service

Urban maintainers are competent for almost all maintenance and repair work in the city. The new generation of LT815W focuses on city pipeline laying, facility renovation, repair, and other comprehensive upgrades, using the fastest and most stable operating capabilities, the fastest mobility, and the lowest fuel consumption at the same tonnage, giving customers the greatest benefits.


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