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LT838-7 38 Ton Medium Crawler Hydraulic Excavator

Excavator, also known as excavating machinery, is an earthmoving machine that uses buckets to dig materials higher or lower than the bearing surface and load them into transport vehicles or unload them to the stockyard.

The materials excavated by the excavator are mainly soil, coal, sediment, and pre-loose soil and rock. Judging from the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast. Excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. The three most important parameters of an excavator are operating weight (mass), engine power, and bucket capacity.


Excavator features

Industry-leading performance and productivity
The combination of a newly improved engine and a redesigned driven hydraulic system with an attractive cost-performance ratio is unrivalled by any other hydraulic excavators in its class.
Durability & stability
Manufactured with surprisingly strong materials and structures, the LT838-7 is unrivalled in durability and safety, allowing it to pass rigorous performance tests under extreme conditions. Whenever you work in a tough environment, you can count on JOOMACH’s LT838-7.
Easy maintenance
Short maintenance operations at long intervals increase the machine’s availability onsite at all times. JOOMACH has developed the LT838-7 to deliver even higher profitability to the customer.
Operate comfort
More space, wider visibility, better air conditioning, and a very comfortable seat – all these elements allow the operator to work safely and comfortably for long hours in the best possible conditions

Parameters of medium crawler hydraulic excavator

Basic parameter Bucket capacity 1.8
Operating Weight t 35.6
Engine Firm ISUZU
Engine Model 6HK1
Rated power/speed(Net) kW/(r/min) 190/1950
Working  range parameters Boom mm 6502
Arm mm 2902
Maximum digging Radius mm 10847
Maximum Digging Depth mm 7137
Maximum Vertical digging depth mm 3812
Maximum digging height mm 10102
Maximum dumping height mm 7182
Performance parameters of the whole machine Max.excavating force (arm/bucket) kN 188/199.9
Swing Speed r/min 9.4
Travel Speed (high/low) km/h 5.0/2.8
Grading  capacity °/ % 35°/70%
Noises at driver location dB(A) 77
Overall  dimensions Transport Length mm 11382
Transport Width mm 3352
Transport Height mm 3722
Cab Height mm 3202
Length of Shoe mm 4930
Track Gauge mm 4039
Shoe width mm 600
Minimum Tail Swing Radius mm 3532
          MODEL LT838-7

Details of 38 Ton Medium Crawler Hydraulic Excavator

lt838 7 38 ton medium crawler hydraulic excavator3Hydraulic system

1. Power boost mode
2. Automatic two-speed travel
3. Reduced-drift valve for boom and arm
4. Reverse swing dampening valve
5. Bi-directional double-loop hydraulic system
6. Pilot operated safety check valve
7. Safety relief valve

lt838 7 38 ton medium crawler hydraulic excavator4CAB
1. Rops/fops (optional)
2. Removable roof window and front window
3. Emergency exit window
4. Removable windshield with in-cab storage bracket
5. Adjustable seat
6. Cigarette lighter
7. LCD monitor
8. Auto climate control/ac/heater/pressurize
9. Windshield wiper
10. 24v am/fm radio
11. 12v power outlet
12. Washable floor mat
13. Interior part: cup holder, interior light, hot/cold beverage compartment, storage compartment, seat with storage bag at the back

lt838 7 38 ton medium crawler hydraulic excavator5Undercarriage and upper structure

1. Lashing points
2. Heavy-duty rollers and idlers
3. Heavy-duty track guides (center)
4. 5.7m boom, 2.9m arm, bucket with lift hook

lt838 7 38 ton medium crawler hydraulic excavator6Application and after-sales service

LT838-7excavator is widely used in industrial and civil building construction and construction, transportation, water conservancy, and power engineering. It is also applied in mining, gardening, urban construction, cable laying construction, farmland use, pipeline excavation and buried, and mechanized construction in modern military engineering industries.


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