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LT9565 Ton Medium Wheelbase Mid-Size Wheel Loader

Bucket Capacity:3.0 CBM, Rated Power:162 KW, Operating Weight: 16.5 ton, Rated Load:5 ton

The loader is a kind of earthwork construction machinery widely used in construction projects such as roads, railways, construction, hydropower, ports, mines, etc. It is mainly used for shoveling bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, and coal. It can also be used for ore, Use hard soil for light shoveling and digging. Different auxiliary working devices can also be used for bulldozing, lifting, and other materials such as timber loading and unloading operations.


LT9565 ton medium wheelbase mid-size wheel loader product feature

1. A-frame with a medium wheelbase is adopted to provide high stability, mobility, and flexibility, and high adaptation to various types of working conditions.
2. Working mechanism with a single tilt lever, optimized design of articulated point, high lifting force and breakout force, short working cycle.
3. The front frame has a four-plate structure and the rear frame has a box girder structure with high structural strength.
4. The bucket is capable of high-level automatic leveling to reduce the labor intensity and increase the working efficiency of the operator.
5. Key articulated points of the working mechanism have a dustproof structure to prolong the working life of the pin shaft.
6. Hydraulic system: To adopt confluence of dual-pump confluence and diffluence technology, rational use of engine power, reduce energy consumption effectively. Independent transmission oil and hydraulic oil cooling improve the hydraulic system stability.
7.Cab with a broad view, noise-isolation, and vibration absorber meet all kinds of operation, which can be dismantled for Large space. Radio with MP3 function and speaker, the joystick control system(Optional) ensure easy operation and more comfortable.
8. Rich Optional: such as the air conditioner,heat systems, joystick, longer arms,quick hitch,log grapple, fork, snow blade,  grass fork,enlarged bucket, and teeth, etc.

LT9565 ton medium wheelbase mid-size wheel loader product parameters

Driving speed

Base parameter Operating weight 16500KG
Rated load 5000KG
Bucket capacity 3.0mm³
Engine Engine model Weichai WD10G220E21(Tie II)
Rated power 162KW
Rated rotate speed 2200rpm/min
Max.torque 745.3N.m
Performance parameters Breakout force 170KN
Raise time ≤5.5s
Total ≤11.2s
Grade ability ≥25°
Forward I 0-11.5km/h
Forward II 0-38km/h
Forward III
Forward IV
Reverse I 0-16km/h
Reverse II
Reverse III
Overall dimensions Overall length 7657mm
Overall width 2900mm
Overall height 3410mm
Bucket width 3000mm
Track base 2900mm
Wheelbase 2260mm
Working range parameters Min. ground clearance 470mm
Max.dumping height 3000mm
Max. dumping reach 1300mm
Min. turning radius
Other Transmission Planetary
Tire type 23.5-25-16PR

Application and after-sales service

LT956 is more suitable in quarry, mine or sand factories, or other heavy construction for loading or dumping materials. Because it is flexible.

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