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LT958 5Ton Heavy Duty Wheel Loader

Bucket Capacity:3.0 CBM, Rated Power: 162KW, Rated Load:3 ton, Operating Weight:17.1 ton

The loader is a kind of earthwork construction machinery widely used in construction projects such as roads, railways, construction, hydropower, ports, mines, etc. It is mainly used for shoveling bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, and coal. It can also be used for ore, Use hard soil for light shoveling and digging. Different auxiliary working devices can also be used for bulldozing, lifting, and other materials such as timber loading and unloading operations.


Heavy-duty 5 ton medium wheel loader machine LT958 product feature

LT958 Wheel Loader has a single tilt lever and long wheelbase which is designed for heavy load conditions. Adopts single rocker arm, long-wheelbase structure, high strength equipment, and frame, which provide large breakout force, tractive force, good stability, and shorten equipment operation cycle time, featuring excellent overall performance and suitable for heavy load in mines.
Adopt Weichai engine, low-speed torque, energy-saving, and environmental protection
High efficiency and large torque converter, high reliability and low-speed gearbox made by JOOMACH factory, comprehensive energy-saving effect is outstanding
The hydraulic system with dual pump confluence and steering priority has high efficiency and low energy consumption
The optimal design of the cooling system of the whole machine has a good heat dissipation effect and stable and reliable work under bad working conditions;
The front and rear axles use heavy load type driving axle, which has  high structural strength, large bearing capacity, long service life, and strong stability
Structural parts are adopted by finite element analysis, the hinge points are arranged in the middle, the front and rear wheel tracks coincide, and the Tyre has a long service life
Large space panoramic cab, dust-proof, damping, noise reduction, improve driver comfort and safety.
Three power modes: customers according to different working conditions to choose power modes of heavy load/medium load and light load, to save oil and reduce consumption.
Rich Optional
Such as the air conditioner,heat systems, joystick, longer arms,quick hitch,log grapple, fork, snow blade,  grass fork,enlarged bucket, and teeth, etc.

Heavy-duty 5 ton medium wheel loader machine LT958 product parameters

Driving speed

Base parameter Operating weight 17100KG
Rated load 5000KG
Bucket capacity 3.0m³
Engine Engine model Weichai WD10G220E21(Tie II)
Rated power 162KW
Rated rotate speed 2200rpm/min
Max.torque 745.3N.m
Performance parameters Breakout force 145KN
Raise time ≤6.8s
Total ≤12.5s
Grade ability ≥25°
Forward I 0-11.5km/h
Forward II 0-38km/h
Forward III
Forward IV
Reverse I 0-16km/h
Reverse II
Reverse III
Overall dimensions Overall length 7950mm
Overall width 2870mm
Overall height 3500mm
Bucket width 3000mm
Track base 3200mm
Wheelbase 2260mm
Working range parameters Min. ground clearance 470mm
Max.dumping height 3300mm
Max. dumping reach 1400mm
Min. turning radius
Other Transmission Planetary
Tire type 23.5-25

Application and after-sales service

LT958 is a special design for heavy and Overload conditions. Such as mining industry, quarry, concrete engineering construction.

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